ToyChamp is a fast-growing Belgian chain of toy shops with more than 30 branches in both the Netherlands and Belgium. What started as a modest family business is today a retailer that cannot be overlooked, maximising experience as an asset in a declining market.

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the challenge

ToyChamp is a steady presence in an industry where many competitors are closing down and customers are becoming increasingly demanding. To meet changes in the world of traditional retail and sustain its growth across borders, ToyChamp consulted Pavlov to develop an optimised brand strategy and accompanying customer experience framework.

the insights

Classic retail, and certainly the toy sector, has been under stress for some time. Not only have consumers’ expectations changed profoundly in recent decades, but the competition from ever growing e-commerce players in the market cannot be underestimated. The result is a wave of consolidation and disappearing brands in the industry, and a playing field divided only among the most innovative retailers.

the solution

To improve ToyChamp’s brand positioning, we started from the current situation. Our consultants not only visited the various shops of the brand in Belgium and abroad, but also took a look at the 6 biggest competing brands to draw the necessary conclusions on retail branding, brand communication, shop design, the link to omnichannel strategies and the overall experience.

In addition, the existing (online) communication was subjected to a thorough audit in order to gain insight into how the brand plays its trump cards and where it can be improved in terms of message efficiency, recognisability for the target group and playing off brand values through sensory experiences.

At the same time, we delved into the customer journey of the different target groups, looking at both children (primary target group) and parents/grandparents (secondary target group). Summarising various international studies, combined with our findings from the shops and the marketing audit resulted in concrete advice on retail design, playing off the brand mascot, (online) communication and consumer experience.

ToyChamp customer experience
ToyChamp audience analysis
ToyChamp brand manual
Koen Nolmans

Before collaborating with Pavlov, we actually never actively thought about the value of our brand. Thanks to the strategic advice, we started focusing on shopping experience to the fullest.

Koen Nolmans – CEO