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We make your brandyour most valuable asset.

Your brand is more than a fancy logo design, or following the latest marketing fad. Your brand should be at the core of what you do, and represent a clear purpose towards internal and external stakeholders. We make sure your brand becomes a part of your DNA, provides a competitive edge and allows for great experiences and lasting relationships.

Challenges we take onfor ambitious brands

As an independent niche consultant in branding, we have developed a unique approach based on clever brand strategies to take on challenges for ambitious small and large brands across different industries:

(re)positioning value

by listening to stakeholder motives and enhancing your added value

guiding M&A

by merging strengths and allowing collaborations to thrive

enabling growth

by optimising brand offering and crafting purposeful stories

(re)branding identity

by allowing your brand identity to evoke the right perception

optimising experiences

by creating emotional value in every step of the customer journey

enhancing culture

by focusing on the essence of your brand DNA and facilitating advocacy

brand transformation model

Sustainable brand valuestarts with a solid strategy

A strong brand makes things possible. It enables organisations of any size to play a role in the lives of stakeholders. That’s why we believe everything starts with a well-though-out brand strategy, based on a thorough analysis of target audience motives, competitor positioning and internal perspectives and objectives.

Using solid strategic insights and frameworks, translating your added value to marketing, human resources, sales, experience, identity, offering and culture becomes a matter of smart implementation in reality.

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Gathering relevant insights into your market, organisation and target group marks the start of our synergy.

  • audience research
  • competitor studies
  • brand workshops
  • customer journey mapping
  • focus studies
  • stakeholder interviews
  • field and mystery visits


Based on concrete insights, together we make informed choices to get the highest potential out of your brand.

  • brand purpose
  • value proposition
  • brand story and claims
  • brand architecture
  • customer experience framework
  • brand personas
  • commercial due diligence


With a crystal-clear framework, we assist and advise on concrete implementation into the day-to-day reality.

  • marketing strategy
  • brand identity design
  • community and advocacy management
  • service design
  • brand offering
  • storytelling and PR
  • stakeholder workshops