Sportoase is the leading player in Belgium in operating sports complexes offering a complete range of sports. In its ever-growing number of sites, it offers a complete and inclusive total concept of sports and relaxation tailored to families through private-public cooperation.

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the challenge

To make Sportoase’s offer and unique story better known among relevant target groups, there was a need for a clear translation of the organisation’s vision into a brand strategy and customer experience with impact.

the insights

Exercising can, in theory, be done anywhere. However, Sportoase wants to play a broader role in people’s lives, helping them develop a healthy lifestyle as a valuable partner.

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the solution

To gain insight into the market and target groups, our consultants immersed themselves in the operation of multifunctional sports centres, visited a series of leading Sportoase sites, developed a clear segmentation based on customer motives for the different target groups and studied in detail the different touchpoints in the customer journey. Using the insights from this brand analysis, we were then able to work further with Sportoase’s marketing team to develop a brand strategy based on the rational and emotional motives that lead to a valuable interaction and thus also further increase the efficiency of the marketing conducted.

In a second phase, a value proposition was developed, focused on the different brand personae and their expectations. Using these needstates as a starting point, we shifted the brand purpose towards a customer centric approach, prioritising experience and emotion over offer and price. To achieve diversification and at the same time a common thread in the strategy, it was decided to start from a brand purpose that puts a healthy lifestyle at the centre, with Sportoase as a passionate facilitator.

Finally, we translated these strategic conclusions into a model for tangible customer experiences, where, in addition to concrete advice on marketing and communication, an optimised customer experience framework was delivered, each time neatly worked out as an action plan in several steps with attention to the priorities set by the customer.

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