Partenamut is the first independent French-speaking mutuality in Belgium. Active in Brussels and Wallonia, Partenamut cultivates the health of its more than 1,300,000 members and aims at being an allround health partner on which members can count to preserve their health for as long as possible.

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the challenge

As an independent health insurance fund, Partenamut’s vision was to focus on proximity, health and prevention and to investigate how the patient of the future would interact with his health insurance fund. The result of this thought exercise was to culminate in the opening of a revolutionary flagship store on the prestigious Brussels Boulevard Anspach.

the insights

Classic health insurance funds are rapidly evolving into partners in health and prevention, as a result of changing legislation but mainly due to changing expectations of affiliated members who have more needs than merely the reimbursement of their medical expenses.

Brand experience workshop
Partenamut concept store

the solution

In order to understand exactly what customers expect from their health insurance fund, and from Partenamut in particular, our strategists delved deeply into the concrete motives of the different target groups in French-speaking Belgium. The brand analysis phase included a customer experience workshop with employees, but also a series of field visits to existing Partenamut branches to investigate how visitors interact with staff. This made it possible to develop a series of brand personas to describe in detail the customer of the future for the brand.

Based on these insights, together with the team at Partenamut we worked out a vision for “the health insurance fund of the future”, in which all relevant segments of the market would not only feel welcome, but the interactions between staff and visitors at individual branches could also be optimised. The resulting visitor flow then served as the basis for the external team and specialists at Buro Project to give concrete shape to the Brussels flagship store. It turned out to be revolutionary for the sector, among other things because of the way of conducting conversations between the brand and the customer, the decoration of and atmosphere in the agency, the visible link with external health partners and the far-reaching integration of digital tools.