ITZU Group is an HR and Facility group specialized in the fields of recruitment, talent solutions, cleaning and facility management. Recently, the group has made several acquisitions to broaden its scope as a 360 degrees talent partner and is currently active in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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the challenge

In the years following its founding, ITZU Group had grown tremendously, leading to the creation of no less than 10 subsidiary brands and 3 partner brands that were acquired through company take-overs. As ITZU broadened its scope to include increasingly more services in both HR and Facility services, the brand’s message started to dilute, and it became unclear to stakeholders what ITZU really stood for. Pavlov was asked to re-examine the architecture of brands that had grown organically over the years and bring it back to a structure that would give clarity and strength to the ITZU brand.

the insights

The current war for talent and the increasing complexities of labor laws and employee wellbeing has led to a shift in the HR services market towards more expertise-driven offers. Companies are eager to invest in long-term collaborations with HR partners to structure their HR policies, attract the right staff using calibrated recruiting methods and coach employees to prevent burnouts and maximize their potential. These needs call for a specialized and full offer on HR and talent management.

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the solution

After extensively surveying management, employees and customers, we delved into HR, Facility Management and Technical Services market trends. In order to gain credibility and trust in the market, we suggested the ITZU brand to become an HR powerhouse, unifying all the existing sub-brands into two divisions: ‘Talent Management’ and ‘Talent Recruitment’. The Cleaning, Facility and Technics services were assigned a new brand identity under the name ‘EAZER’, to distinguish them within these fields and to allow the ITZU brand to fully position itself on HR expertise.

Within ITZU’s new brand story, we chose to emphasize the personal connection with both employers and employees, focusing on what talent makes possible given the right structure and support. Starting from a deep expertise in HR services and the personal commitment that every individual deserves, ITZU aims for long term relationships with companies from the adagio: “It’s you we care about”. This proposition also resulted in a warmer tone of voice and communication, seeking to find even more connection between ITZU’s HR specialists and its clients. Further work was done by Pavlov to assist in the launch, messaging and campaigns for the new ITZU brand.

To enable the new Cleaning and Facility brand, EAZER, we engaged in a second project to give the brand the proper story, tone of voice and experience. During transformation workshops with the directors of EAZER, we also focused on a quality and customer engagement plan for the coming years, allowing the brand to further position itself in the market as a reliable cleaning and facility partner.

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