Dexis Belgium creates continuity for industrial and construction-related companies with an offering of parts & products, process optimization services and equipment performance optimization. The Dexis group combines its global approach with a local network of expert hubs to better serve its customers.

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the challenge

Dexis ensures their customers’ machines and processes keep running, both literally and figuratively. To this end, it combines the strengths of several local specialists that were acquired within the Dexis brand, each contributing from their unique expertise to the stability and future of industry and construction. The historical roots and established reputation of these sub-brands brought many new opportunities for the group, while also posing challenges in aligning them under a unified mission. Dexis needed a compelling group story that would further connect these entities to a common goal.

the insights

While the acquisition of new brands and expertise brings many opportunities to broaden and optimize services, aligning the culture and structure of brands involved is a crucial step to ensure internal support and external logic towards clients. To avoid performing under par due to misalignment or mispositioning, whereby employees and clients don’t see the benefits of the operation, a strong message and the right communication efforts proved pivotal for Dexis.

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Dexis Belgium

the solution

To create a unifying group story and brand strategy for Dexis Belgium, we paid attention to both the internal and external perspectives of their different subsidiaries. We first conducted a study wherein customer motives and prior experiences with the brands were analyzed. Later, we looked at the (potential) synergies between the different sub-brands within Dexis Belgium and took to the road to visit all the group’s branches to conduct in-depth interviews with employees on what made their employer unique. The result of this detailed analysis was a view of the similarities and differences between the brands in the group, how they positioned themselves as employers, how they interacted with their customers, etc. Pavlov then went in search of common denominators and differences to work out a brand architecture that would best reflect the strengths of the different brands and would contribute best to Dexis Belgium’s shared mission: to guarantee continuity for customers.

In the brand strategy, we presented a new framework in which we rearranged Dexis’ services into three logical pillars, which formed a common thread throughout the added value that all sub-brands together can bring to customers. The focus here was on synergy between services and bringing out a convincing brand story that avoided individual box-thinking and instead emphasized long-term collaborations between subsidiaries to better serve customers and employees. We reworked the ideal customer journey and employee value proposition and provided advice on how to translate the group story into communication and experiences.

The entire process resulted in applicable guidelines and models that can be continued in Dexis Belgium’s employer branding, communication and sales. The group can now further leverage the strength and scale of its synergy in the market and fully pursue its mission as a continuity partner for industry and construction.