IAPH (International Association of Ports and Harbors) is a global alliance of ports headquartered in Tokyo, founded in 1955. IAPH aims to be the global trade association of choice for port authorities and operators, representing their interests at regulatory level at the International Maritime Organization, the World Customs Organization, the International Standards Organization and other global alliances such as the Global Maritime Forum and the World Economic Forum.

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the challenge

At Brussels Airport Company, the demand arose to rebrand the well-known and iconic brand following an internal repositioning and renewed objectives regarding corporate values. The national airport needed to position itself more clearly before stakeholders and shift the focus from an image perceived as businesslike and cool to a warm and customer-centric story.

the insights

More and more, the realisation is emerging that airports are more than a building with a piece of tarmac on which planes take off and land. Over the years, they have become interactive hubs that connect people and where travellers and visitors expect an engaging experience according to their needs.

Brussels Airport rebrand
Brussels Airport brand manual

the solution

Together with the creative forces at advertising agency The Factory Brussels, a concept was devised to help the brand achieve its objectives through a brand new identity. A three-part process was suggested, starting with a strategic analysis, followed by a rebranding operation and ending with a market roll-out.

Our consultants were involved as strategic partners in this process and were responsible for drawing up the brand positioning, which had to result in clear and applicable advice for both the creative cell that would take care of the logo and the client itself.

Among other things, we were responsible for a target group and competition study, interviews with involved stakeholders, positioning advice, communication research, chromatographic insights, supervision of a focus study and even the development of outlines for the translation into a new brand identity. We also remained involved during the creative process that resulted from the strategic analysis.

competitor analysis
brand implementation