Astra Sweets is one of the leading producers of confectionery goods in Europe. The Turnhout-based company specialises in casting candy, mallows and the world-famous sour wafers. Decades of expertise translate into a strong market position as a producer of private label sweets, but also as the parent brand of some popular proprietary brands.

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the challenge

As a producer of high-quality products such as caster candy, mallows and sour candy wafers, Astra Sweets operates not only as a supplier of private label brands, but also of several of its own premium brands. To create a clear framework for these brands, a thoughtful analysis of both the brand portfolio and the evolution in consumer perception was important.

the insights

The global sweet confectionery market (excluding chocolate and chewing gum) covers a whopping $185 billion in sales, and continues to grow steadily every year. At the same time, the sector is subject to far-reaching innovation due to changing consumer needs and growing competition.

Astra Sweets brand strategy

the solution

To first gain an insight into the world of confectionery, our experts delved into the competitive market and relevant consumers. After a site visit at the Turnhout factory and a study of the global competition at the German ISM snack fair, we delved into available data on the evolution of the sector. Based on consumption figures, trends in the (sweet) snack market and evolving consumer needs, we were able to draw a clear picture of what rational and emotional needs are associated with buying and enjoying sweets.

We then identified the main direct and indirect competitors for Astra Sweets’ brands and investigated on the basis of which arguments a differentiating proposition could be developed for its own premium brands. These findings were further complemented by an extensive brand workshop with employees from all parts of the company, in order to gather direct input from day-to-day reality.

The result of the process is a brand architecture for the company’s own premium brands, with a crystal-clear proposition and a well-defined rational and emotional approach in which the consumer is the central focus. Extra attention was paid to Frisia, a successful brand for many years for a wide and innovative variety of mallow products in retail outlets across Europe. As part of this repositioning, brand outline, brand story, tone of voice and brand perception were sharpened and translated into initial style exercises that could give rise to communication, packaging and marketing materials.

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Astra Sweets architecture
Astra Sweets field visit
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