AG Insurance is Belgium’s largest insurer, with 3.5 million private and business customers. The iconic brand – established in the market as early as 1824 – therefore has a rock-solid reputation and a large market share: 1 in 3 Belgians rely on the expertise of its more than 4,400 employees when it comes to insuring what they love and hold dear.

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the challenge

To ensure a solid market position in the future as well, AG is investing heavily in its employees, relationships with various stakeholders, innovative products and its evolving brand positioning in a competitive market. In doing so, it is not always obvious from the position of market leader with a 200-year history to be relevant in the lives of policyholders at crucial moments.

the insights

The insurance industry in Belgium is characterised by a series of dominant operators with similar offerings but different approaches. In the perception that relevant audiences form of an insurance brand, emotional added value, human engagement and relevant storytelling play an important role – especially when many of the interactions with the brand today take place online or through brokers.

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the solution

To assist its in-house branding and corporate communications team, AG Insurance relied on Pavlov’s expertise. Whenever crucial questions arose regarding brand strategy and brand perception, our staff dived deep into the briefing and the market situation to answer them with concrete short- and long-term advice.

During the period of almost two years, we mapped target groups and competitors to provide input for concrete marketing and communication objectives. For instance, we delved into the approach for launching new products and services, studied how sponsorship budgets could be spent optimally and assisted in redrawing the brand architecture. To facilitate communication, we advised using a multilingual tone of voice manual, a purpose-based brand book and brand endorsement models to promote cross-selling.

We also went through the entire onboarding journey of new employees as part of an employer branding assignment. Furthermore, we developed a brand name, logo and corporate identity for the broker app “Pronto”. We provided advice and assistance for both small questions concerning nomenclature and baselines as well as complete market analyses and customer experience processes.

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