6D Sports Nutrition is a leading developer of quality sports supplements and nutrition for professional and semi-professional athletes. Among other things, the brand differentiates itself from competitors by their grounded scientific approach, products developed by specialised academics, extensive batch testing and sales through dedicated channels where advice is key.

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the challenge

Due to the excellent scientific foundation of both products and proposition, the 6D brand was perceived in the market as rational, clinical and exclusively intended for elite athletes. Moreover, the underlying story sometimes proved too complex to narrate easily, which hampered further growth at home and abroad.

the insights

Athletes who are serious about their sport want only one thing: to grow as an athlete and win. In doing so, they are looking for solutions to obstacles they encounter during that mission. For that reason, a brand like 6D Sports Nutrition should start from the emotional motives of target groups and less from the scientific underpinnings of its offering.

focus study
6D packaging mockup

the solution

After extensive brainstorming with the management of 6D Sports Nutrition, our strategists delved into the sports nutrition and supplement industry. This involved identifying relevant global and local trends regarding the use of supplements, researching the brand’s main competitors and organising a series of focus studies with both professional and semi-professional athletes from different disciplines to incorporate their insights and experiences into the optimised brand strategy.

6D Sports Nutrition brand strategy