Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions take precedence over any terms and conditions of the client. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, all services are consequently concluded under the terms and conditions set out below. The signing of a cooperation agreement implies the client’s acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

Offers and assignment

The validity of the quotation is 30 calendar days and includes the elements as discussed between the client and service provider. All changes to the agreed assignment at the request of the principal are at the principal’s expense and will be invoiced additionally at an hourly rate. An advance of 15% will be invoiced at the start of the cooperation, unless agreed otherwise. Every order confirmation by the client binds him to the execution of this by the service provider and replaces previous verbal or written agreements.


Invoices are always payable in cash in the currency indicated. Acceptance of the invoices is automatic. The service provider reserves the right to send interim invoices upon completion of certain phases or at the end of the month or quarter.

Each invoice is considered accepted unless protested by registered letter within seven days. As from the due date, the unpaid part of our invoices shall, ipso jure and without notice of default, bear interest on arrears at 12% per annum. In case of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, all outstanding invoices, even those not due, become immediately payable. In the absence of a timely and justified protest, the principal shall be liable, ipso jure and without notice of default, by application of article 1147 of the Belgian Civil Code, to pay damages conventionally and irreducibly set at 10% of the unpaid amount, with a minimum of EUR 125, without prejudice to default interest and any legal costs. In case of late payment of the invoice, the service provider reserves the right to stop the work immediately until payment of all outstanding debts. All resulting costs shall be borne by the ordering customer.


The service provider enters into an obligation of means and can only be held liable for his intentional fault. In any event, any damages that may be due by the service provider shall always be limited to the amount invoiced and received by him for the order in question, except in case of intentional fault. The service provider cannot be held liable for any consequential damage such as loss of expected profit, decrease in turnover, increased operational costs or loss of clientele that the principal would suffer as a result of any error or negligence on the part of the service provider.


The service provider commits to overall confidentiality and will treat documents, information and data provided to it by the client in the strictest confidence. The parties undertake to keep the (personal) data obtained during the course of the cooperation, even after termination of the agreement, confidential and to use them only for the execution of the agreement. Subject to the formal request of the principal, the service provider reserves the right to report on the course of the agreement after its termination, without infringing the principal’s rights or sharing confidential information with third parties.

Cancellation of the agreement

Any cancellation of all or part of the agreed work must be in writing. In the aforementioned cases, as well as in the event of dissolution of the agreement to the detriment of the contractor, the latter shall be liable to pay liquidated damages amounting to 30% of the agreed total amount in order to cover fixed and variable costs and loss of profit, among other things, without prejudice to the service provider’s right to prove higher damages. Trainings, coachings and workshops can be cancelled up to 14 days before the date of the event at the latest against a cancellation fee of 30% of the amount to be invoiced.


If any provision of these general terms and conditions is void, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect and the client and service provider shall replace the void provision with another provision that approximates the purpose and scope of the void provision as closely as possible.


All disputes are governed by Belgian law and fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Antwerp.